Hi, I'm Danielle, welcome to The Flourished Fox, where beautiful writing prevails.


I offer bespoke calligraphy, stationery and design services from my studio in the South East of England. But more importantly, I'm here to lend a hand with your events and projects to make them extra special!

Nothing sets the tone quicker than some beautifully hand-scribed calligraphy. From an envelope in the post to a finely laid table, something amazing to hang on the wall or a gift to give, nothing says 'special' as quickly as calligraphy.

So what makes me so different from all the other calligraphers you've found on Google?

I'd say my 14+ years as a designer and calligrapher has given me a creative insight that's hard to beat, a little black book that's bursting with some of the best artists and craftspeople to collaborate with, and the ability to take on projects both large and small and make the most of every opportunity to produce the finest result.

Drop me a line with an event date and brief and let's find a way to work together!



Stationery Design

Graphic Design