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Birthday Invitation in Flourished Calligraphy

An epic birthday weekend is deserving of an epic birthday invitation, with luxury materials, finishing and foiling.

A birthday invitation for a luxury weekend in The Cotswolds! Time was spent perfecting and tweaking the digitised calligraphy so the design was spread evenly over the 5x7" size. I worked with my client to evaluate and refine the choice of cards and printing techniques before selecting the perfect ribbon to complement the entire folder and invitation card itself. Copperplate calligraphy in metallic rose-gold ink to the envelopes completed the look for this very luxe birthday invitation.

Brief -

• Design and produce a quantity of birthday invitations

• Assemble each invitation, including outer wrap, lining and ribbon finish

• Personalise envelopes with copperplate calligraphy

Materials -

Paper: uncoated claret; uncoated cream; copper splat

Envelopes: white smooth 100gsm, diamondback

Ink: metallic rose gold

Ribbon: botanically dyed bamboo silk

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