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Personal Stationery

From one desk to another. From monogrammed notecards to personal messages from Santa, straight from the North Pole!

Who says the handwritten note is a thing of the past? There is nothing more pleasing than sitting down to pen a short thank you note or a longer, thoughtful missive to a friend or sweetheart. Unless, of course, you're the one lucky enough to be the recipient!

An overhead shot of a birthday invitation with a dark red folder with rose goil foil and debossed details

Birthday Invitation

When it's a big birthday, it's time to pull out all the stops! A luxury invitation with foil and deboss for an event to shout about.

An overhead shot of a booklet annoucing the birth of a baby girl with a polaroid picture and pink silk ribbon

Newborn Announcement

Sugar and spice, and all that's nice! A joyful card introducing a new arrival to the world with a soft colour palette and pretty textures. 


Monogram Notecards

They're not just for your nan! These luxe notecards are the last word in elegance with a bespoke monogram printed on a cotton-rich card.


A Letter from Santa

Santa knows Copperplate! A precious keepsake straight from Lapland to make Christmas just that little bit more special.

An overhead shot of some paper and a fountain pen

Marking Memories

The moments that stand out in our memories are worth more than diamonds, and we are moved to treasure them.

There's a lot to be said about the death of the written letter. While there's no doubt in my mind such communications are becoming less frequent (and why wouldn't they when email is now so widespread?), I believe there will always be a place for a physical note, a carefully composed missive to tell of glad tidings and momentous life events. 

These things become keepsakes, a physical manifestation of memory, treasured for years after they've been received and are able to move you through the emotions once evoked. An announcement of the birth of a child. An invitation to a milestone birthday party of a loved one. Such events and memories are what sustain us; they connect us to the joy of the present and the past.

So while it might be considered going too far to have your utility cheques written out and despatched by a calligrapher, there's definitely a case for having the landmark events designed, finessed and calligraphed to make them that much more special!

Paper & Ink

The ritual of paper, ink, and envelopes — sealed and stamped — is a way to honour our friends and family.

A close up of digitised modern calligraphy on the front of a new baby announcement


When something outside of the everyday happens, it's natural to want to tell people about it. While text messages and emails are quick to spread information, they cannot express the joy of your news. A planned announcement will have much more impact.


Who doesn't love a party? With so many different milestones in life, there are tonnes of excuses to host a get-together for your nearest and dearest. From birthdays to bar-mitzvahs, christenings to anniversaries. These invitations set the tone for the celebrations to come.

An overhead shot of a birthday invitation with digitised calligraphy in dark red ink.

Are you ready to do this?

Personal stationery, whether something special for your desk, an announcement, or an invitation for an event, is still a process that takes time and care.

It's worth reading my step-by-step guide to wedding stationery design, as we'll be going through the same process for your personal stationery (but with a less nuptial vibe).

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