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Place Cards

Card or paper, leaves or lemons, dressed up or dressed down; place cards are the best way to let your guests know where to sit!

From luxury cards to plush leather and everything in between. Place cards and escort cards are excellent ways to bring order to your event. Depending on your theme and vibe, there are many options for how to guide your guests to their seats before the feasting begins!

Gery handmade paper place cards finished with an orange and white twine with red sumi modern calligraphy

Handmade Paper with Twine

A textural delight! Soft deckled edges bring an extra dimension to a tablescape, finished with orange and white twine to match the ink.

Vellum placecards mounted to yellow marbled paper with a gold velvet ribbon and copperplate calligraphy

Vellum with Marbled Paper

When classic techniques meet! Marbled paper mounted to a tonal yellow card finished with gold velvet ribbon and copperplate calligraphy.

Navy place cards with white upright calligraphy and an aqua wax seal with a traditional Japanese wave patetrn motif, finished with rose gold coloured bulldog clips

Navy with Wax Seal

Let the ocean vibes run wild! White on navy card complete with aqua wax seals featuring a wave pattern to add dimension and texture.

Grey curled place cards with white flourished calligraphy

Grey Curled Card

There's nothing worse than a limp curl! Luxe place cards that add height and depth to a place setting for extra interest on the table.

A close up detail of a place card on hadmade paper with peach crinkled silk

Textural Surfaces

Considering how you can bring a sense of wonder to your tablescape is a great way to elevate your guest's dining experience.

There's an old saying that the first bite is with the eye. This is of course in reference to food. This is due to you probably taking a stab at what it will be like before you even take a bite. But I think you can take this thought one step further and apply it to the surroundings and company you're in before you eat. After all, what might be the most delicious food in the world might be hampered somewhat if it's severed to you on a bin lid while you're sitting in the gutter.

So how do you go about delighting the senses prior to the first course being served? You'll take the time to pick out flowers, napkins, crockery and cutlery. You've probably agonised over the table plan. But what you must keep in mind is the delight people find in their own name. A sound that both resonates and defines a being. And that is how a place card can be a marvel of your tablescape. 

While it's of course possible to have these small slips of card printed, it can be a missed opportunity with so many options at hand. I've known people to keep their calligraphed places cards from an event for a long time, and cherish them! While it might not be recommended to keep personalised fresh fruit or other botanicals for a long time, calligraphed handmade paper, silk, and tassels will last an age and be a way of recalling fond memories for a long time afterwards.

Are you ready to do this?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to place cards, let's explore your options together.

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