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Vellum & Marbled Paper in Copperplate

The best traditional techniques meet for these place cards, with a warm colour-scheme and luxurious finish. 

A specially commissioned marbled paper was mounted to a soft yellow card to form the base of these place cards. The names were then written on vellum in unadorned copperplate calligraphy in deep orange Japanese ink. Each card was then hand punched and fastened by a brass rivet and finished with an antique gold-coloured velvet ribbon in a lark's head knot.

Brief -

Trim backing card, marbled paper and vellum to size, personalise vellum with copperplate calligraphy, complete with brass rivet and thread velvet ribbon.

Materials -

Paper: vellum, uncoated sorbet yellow, marbled paper

Fitting: brass rivet; silk velvet ribbon

Ink: Kyo Iro Moonlight of Higashiyama

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