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Grey Handmade with Red Sumi Ink

Multi-textured place cards on grey handmade paper with modern calligraphy finished with dual-coloured cotton twine.

A really fun set of place cards on grey handmade paper complete with a length of orange and white butcher's twine as the attachment, fastened with a larks head knot. The twine was chosen to match the shueki ink which has a lovely depth of colour. Modern calligraphy completed the look for these as the slightly unstructured look complimented the deckled edges of the paper.

Brief -

Source and prepare handmade paper in the correct size, personalise in modern calligraphy, punch a hole for and then finish with twine.

Materials -

Paper: A8 handmade grey

Fitting: orange and white cotton twine

Ink: shueki (red sumi)

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