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Addressing with Envelope Calligraphy

Available for every size, texture, and colour, envelope calligraphy never fails to make an impression.

Nothing sets the tone like receiving a beautifully calligraphed envelope through the post. Whatever the occasion, I have a style to suit! From weddings and parties to corporate events and ceremonies, what better way to set your guest's expectations of a wonderful time than with envelope calligraphy?


Gold Copperplate on Red

When luxury is the order of the day, set things sparkling with gold ink. Great for prestigious corporate and opulent personal events.

A selection of white envelopes with black copperplate calligraphy and cherry pink modern calligraphy,

Black Copperplate and Cherry Modern

Mix things up and get the best of both worlds. Black-tie copperplate meets laidback cherry modern personalisation for a distinct look.

A set up white laid envelopes with pink upright calligraphy

Pink Upright on White Laid

Textured envelopes don't phase me! This upright style in bespoke ink looks a treat front and back with the addition of a copper speckle effect.

A group of white envelopes with grey modern monoline calligraphy

Grey Modern Monoline

Are you looking for the ultimate in laidback? Modern monoline is as unfussy as it comes and is great for more casual communications.

A close up of a calligraphed envelope with both modern and copperplate calligraphy

Different Styles

The calligraphy style you choose for your envelopes should work in harmony with the content and occasion.

A calligraphed envelope will undoubtedly make an impression when it lands with your guest! But what do you need to keep in mind when you opt for envelopes with either modern or copperplate calligraphy?

Consider the tone of your communication. If you're having a traditional wedding, copperplate is certainly going to elevate the look and feel of the entire wedding suite when you send it out. However, a more modern script might be preferable if the occasion is more informal or fun in nature; think parties, baby showers. and similar celebrations.

Not content with just the style of calligraphy, you should also consider the colour of the ink that you'd like used. Formal occasions might call for the blackest of black inks, but if you want to elevate your envelopes, you might consider a rich metallic gold with plenty of wow factor. If you have a specific colour scheme, ask for a bespoke batch of ink to be made up for you, so that even the envelope calligraphy matches the contents!

Having a calligrapher address your envelopes is certainly a luxury, but it gives you the option to have your envelopes tailored to your exact requirements. 

Pushing the envelope

While a well-calligraphed envelope might look effortless in execution, there's a lot of advance preparation that goes into a graceful end result.

A white envelope with pink upright calligraphy


The most usual layout for envelope calligraphy is central alignment. However, there are options for highly decorating the addressee, followed by a plainly written address body which can be centred as usual,  or left-aligned and slightly shifted to the right if preferred.


As highly decorated as you might want your envelopes to be, care must be taken to ensure the address remains fully readable so they can reach their destinations. If a heavily flourished envelope is a must-have for you, consider this for the inner envelope, and have a plainer outer envelope.

A closeup of a calligraphed envelope in modern monoline script

Are you ready to do this?

Snail mail might be the best mail, but in this case, drop me a line to get the ball rolling!

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