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Modern Monoline Calligraphy in Grey Ink

When casual is the requirement, laid-back modern monoline envelope calligraphy combines both grace and charm.

An unconventional solution for a calligrapher! Nothing with my usual dip pen was doing it for my client, as much as she admired my modern script. So we hit on the idea of using a regular fountain pen and... ta-da! The aim was to be something that looked as if anyone could have written it, only better. So all the best envelope calligraphy principles were applied, but a fountain pen was used with a wonderful storm-grey ink.

Brief -

Address a batch of envelopes for a family announcement to achieve a casual but pretty look.

Materials -

Envelopes: C6 uncoated 100gsm white, diamondback

Ink: Iroshizuku Fuyu-Syogun

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