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A step-by-step guide from the initial idea to you taking delivery of your suite.

How I'll go about creating your wedding stationery

Step One - First contact

Drop me a line so we can get the ball rolling on your wedding invitations! Calls are by appointment only, so send me a message through my contact page here in the first instance.

Step Two - A very chill chat

On our first call, we’ll discuss your wedding and mood board. We’ll also review options for personalisation and any other bells and whistles you have in mind at this time. This will let me know the sort of things you’re looking for, and the quantities involved. If we feel like we can work together, and I have a space for you in my diary, you'll be able to pay a deposit to secure me as your wedding stationer, and I'll get a sample kit of beautiful papery things to you in the post.

Step Three - The consultation stage

Between six and seven months before your wedding, we'll jump on another call and kick off designing your wedding suite! We'll deep dive into the exact look and feel you want for your wedding. You'll be able to reference the sample kit I send to you to make some decisions about colours, papers, and any accessories you would like.

Step Four - Design time

The exciting part! Drawing from your mood board and the discussions we've had, I’ll produce two invitation designs that will have notes about the colours and textures that will work well to meet the theme of your suite. 

Step Five - Nailing down the details

Once you have decided which design direction you want to go in (or if you a little from design A and a little from design B), I’ll create a fixed look for the chosen design, rolling in any ideas, tweaks and feedback you’ve given me and applying it across the whole of your suite. 

Step Six - Approval

Once we have the design finalised, I'll draw up a quote for the finished price of your suite. A final proof of all your pieces will be sent to you for checking. As my T&Cs state, I’m not liable for any spelling, grammar, or other errors. You need to check everything thoroughly, and if possible, get someone else to check through as well who is equally well-versed in dates, locations and times! This is super important as reprints can be costly. Once you’ve given me written consent that everything is good and you're happy with the final bill, I’ll crack on with getting them produced! 

Step Seven - The final product

This is where all the lovely bits and pieces get produced, and if included in your package, assembled too. This can be up to 4 weeks long, so please be patient! Once everything is ready to go, the rest of your bill will be invoiced.

Step Eight - Getting it to you

Everything will be quality-checked and packaged up. Once you’ve settled the rest of your invoice I’ll pass everything across to a courier for delivery.

Step Nine - Let me know when it gets to you

I will literally be on the edge of my seat until I know everything is with you in the exact condition it left my studio! So please do let me know once it arrives with you, and in the highly unlikely event of there being a problem, let me know so we can get things put right ASAP!


Drop me a line and let's get started on your wedding suite!

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