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Black Copperplate & Cherry Modern Calligraphy Mix

Cheeky modern cherry envelope calligraphy meets formal black copperplate in this pairing of styles for a delightful twist.

Envelope calligraphy for a dinner reception! While the event was quite formal, my client wanted to inject a little fun, so the names were written in cherry-coloured Japanese ink with my modern script to add an extra wow factor. Blind terminals took the unique look one step further, there really was no place to hide with the copperplate on these envelopes so precise production was the order of the day.

Brief -

Address a batch of envelopes in black copperplate and cherry modern calligraphy.

Materials -

Envelopes: C5 uncoated 100gsm white, diamondback

Ink: black archival; Kyo Iro Cherry Blossom of Keage

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