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Irresistible autumn-themed wedding stationery ideas to fall in love with

Hello wedding enthusiasts and autumn admirers! If you're planning a wedding during the cosy and colourful season of autumn, you're in for a treat. Autumn weddings are not only breathtakingly beautiful, but they also offer a fantastic opportunity to infuse your invitations with the warm and vibrant vibes of the season. One of the best ways to set the tone for your autumn wedding is through your stationery. In this blog, I'll explore a cornucopia (I'm such a nerd) of ideas for autumn-themed wedding stationery that will leave you inspired to bring all things autumnal into your own wedding stationery!

An autumn themed wedding invitation with gold wax seals
Autumn is the perfect reason to celebrate a riot of warm colours and textures

Colours of autumn:

When it comes to autumn-themed wedding stationery, you have an array of colours to paint a vivid picture of the season. Think of rich and earthy tones that mimic the changing leaves. Rusty reds, deep oranges, golden yellows, and warm browns are all quintessential autumn hues. Incorporating these colours into your invitations, envelopes, and other stationery elements will instantly transport your guests to an autumn wonderland.

Rustic Elegance:

Palette: Deep Burgundy, Dusty Rose, Sage Green, Antique Gold

Ideal for: Couples planning a sophisticated rustic wedding in a charming barn or vineyard setting.

Description: Rustic Elegance combines deep burgundy and sage green with dusty rose and antique gold accents. This palette is perfect for couples seeking a refined yet rustic vibe. It's well-suited for venues with exposed wooden beams, lush greenery, and vintage-inspired decor. The rich, earthy tones and subtle gold accents add a touch of glamour to the natural charm of your suite.

Golden Harvest:

Palette: Rich Mustard Yellow, Burnt Orange, Chocolate Brown, Ivory

Ideal for: Couples hosting an outdoor wedding amidst rolling hills or a picturesque orchard.

Description: Golden Harvest evokes the beauty of a sun-kissed autumn day with mustard yellow and burnt orange as the main hues, complemented by chocolate brown and ivory. This palette is ideal for couples celebrating amidst a bountiful orchard, a golden meadow, or any outdoor venue with a breathtaking view. The warm and inviting colours will create a cheerful vibe for your wedding invitations.

Autumn Sunset:

Palette: Warm Coral, Terracotta, Muted Lavender, Olive Green

Ideal for: Couples planning a romantic garden wedding during the golden hour.

Description: Autumn Sunset captures the enchantment of twilight with warm coral, terracotta, muted lavender, and olive green. This palette is perfect for couples envisioning an intimate garden ceremony. These soothing and romantic colours create a magical ambience, making your wedding stationery a mesmerising experience for both you and your guests.

Fireside Romance:

Palette: Dark Plum, Merlot Red, Charcoal Gray, Blush Pink

Ideal for: Couples opting for an indoor wedding in an intimate, candlelit venue.

Description: Fireside Romance is all about warmth and intimacy, featuring dark plum, merlot red, charcoal grey, and blush pink. This palette is best suited for couples planning a cosy indoor wedding, perhaps in a historic mansion or a candlelit chapel. The deep, passionate tones combined with soft blush accents create an atmosphere of timeless romance.

Woodland Whimsy:

Palette: Moss Green, Chestnut Brown, Soft Peach, Cream

Ideal for: Couples embracing a rustic woodland theme or a forest-inspired wedding.

Description: Woodland Whimsy blends moss green, chestnut brown, soft peach, and cream to create an earthy and charming atmosphere. This palette is a perfect match for couples choosing a woodland venue, a forest glade, or an outdoor ceremony surrounded by towering trees. The natural colours harmonise with the lush surroundings, embracing the magic of nature.

Vintage Fall:

Palette: Faded Teal, Mauve, Copper, Beige

Ideal for: Couples who appreciate vintage aesthetics and are hosting a classic affair.

Description: Vintage Fall combines faded teal, mauve, copper, and beige for a timeless and elegant look. This palette suits couples aiming for a classic, vintage-inspired wedding in a historic venue or an elegant ballroom. The muted colours with a touch of copper sophistication give your stationery a sense of refined nostalgia.

Motifs that capture the season:

To evoke the essence of autumn, consider incorporating seasonal motifs into your wedding stationery. Some popular choices include:

Leaves: The intricate shapes and colours of autumn leaves make them a classic choice. You can opt for elegant leaf motifs as borders or background patterns.

Pumpkins: A symbol of harvest and abundance, pumpkins can add a touch of whimsy to your stationery, whether through illustrations, stamps, or even custom pumpkin-shaped invitations.

Acorns: These tiny treasures symbolise growth and potential. Incorporate acorns into your stationery for a subtle, rustic touch.

Trees: Showcase the beauty of autumn trees with detailed illustrations or silhouettes. This motif can be particularly stunning on invitation backdrops.

Typography that speaks autumn:

The right choice of typography can help convey the autumn spirit. Consider these options:

Script fonts: Elegant and flowing script fonts can add a touch of romance and sophistication to your stationery.

Serif fonts: Classic and timeless, serif fonts can give your stationery a traditional yet refined look.

Handwritten fonts: If you're going for a more rustic or whimsical feel, handwritten fonts can be a charming choice.

Mixed fonts: Don't be afraid to mix and match fonts for a unique and personalised touch. Combine a script font for your names with a more legible serif font for the rest of the text.

Papers with texture and warmth:

Choosing the right paper can make a world of difference in your wedding stationery. Opt for papers that have a tactile quality, such as:

Kraft paper: Known for its rustic charm, kraft paper adds a warm, natural texture to your invitations and other stationery items.

Linen paper: With its subtle crosshatch pattern, linen paper exudes elegance and sophistication.

Watercolour paper: If you're incorporating watercolour elements into your design, consider using watercolour paper for a seamless and artistic look.

Added extras:

To make your autumn-themed wedding stationery truly stand out, consider these add-ons:

Wax seals: Seal your envelopes with customised wax seals featuring your initials or a design that matches your chosen motif.

Ribbon and twine: Wrap your invitations with ribbon or twine in autumn colours to add a tactile element and a touch of charm.

Foil stamping: For a touch of luxury, consider foil stamping in metallic autumn shades like gold, copper, or bronze.

Envelope liners: Enhance your envelopes by adding an envelope liner that can bring an additional element of colour and texture to your wedding suite.


Your autumn wedding stationery sets the stage for a celebration filled with warmth and the vibrant colours of the season. Whether you choose to embrace the rich colours or seasonal motifs, remember that it's all about capturing the essence of autumn and infusing it into every piece of stationery.

And if you need some more ideas for your wedding stationery, drop me a line here and let's make the autumn wedding invitations of your dreams!

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