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Charlotte's Ballet Birthday Gift

Dancing letters with this highly flourished birthday calligraphy gift in custom coral ink.

A beautiful birthday calligraphy gift! Charlotte is both a ballet dancer and a teacher of the art, so it's fair to say she's an enthusiast. The idea of this piece was to spell out her name with some of the Royal Opera House's best-loved ballet performances. After a lot of research, we hit on a list of ideal ballets, and the look we went for was highly ornate, the the letters and flourishes literally dancing around each other.

Brief -

Research RoH ballets to find a batch that spelt out the name. Design the piece with flourished calligraphy and offhand calligraphy to create a 'filled' composition to make the words look as though they're dancing.

Materials -

Paper: A3 hot pressed watercolour, 300gsm

Ink: custom coral

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