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Great British Cow Breeds Calligraphy

Who knew there were so many types of cows? Copperplate and a calligraphy illustration combine for this homage in green.

A gift for a cow enthusiast! I researched which cow breeds were specific to Great Britain (with conflicting opinions everywhere) and then came up with this composition. The portrait of the cow used to complete the piece was based on a Jersey Royal and went through a couple of versions until the right design was arrived at. Gold highlights throughout the breeds and on the calligraphy illustration elevated the whole thing.

Brief -

Research cow breeds to find which were specific to Great Britain. Create a balanced, centralised composition. Create a calligraphic illustration of a cow and use this to complete the piece. 

Materials -

Paper: A4 pistachio uncoated 270gsm

Ink: Kyo no Oto Urahairo, iridescent copperplate gold

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