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Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti

"Come buy, come buy." From apples to citrons, poetry calligraphy adds a new dimension to an all-time classic.

Victorian-era poetry calligraphy at its finest! This is the first verse from Goblin Market, with its extensive list of fruit and calls of the Goblin folk. While the decision was made to keep things as stripped back as possible, it was felt that more was needed, and so the ornate vine border was developed to frame the text and show it off to its full glory.

Brief -

Create a balanced composition of the first verse of Goblin Market. Develop a symmetrical vine border based on large, decorative swirls and ensure the density of the design matched that of the writing.

Materials -

Paper: A3 hot pressed watercolour 300gsm

Ink: archive grade black;  Kyo no Oto Urahairo

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