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The Iliad by Homer

Embracing the beatiful, this quote calligraphy with deconstructed copperplate brings all the drama.

When you want all the textures! The idea for this piece of quote calligraphy was to arrange the words in such a way that the flourishing could act as joins between the different lines. As the grey handmade paper was quite a neutral colour, the client wanted an ink colour that really popped off the page, which was achieved with a custom hot pink gouache. The whole thing was elevated with gold ink splatter.

Brief -

Compose the piece so the linebreaks helped to further carry the weight of the words, and add flourishing to link lines together and add drama. Develop ink colour to achieve maximum saturation.

Materials -

Paper: DL+ handmade dove grey

Ink: custom hot pink; iridescent copperplate gold

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