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A detail of a calligraphy border in green ink, with white rose accessories and an oblique dip pen

Contemporary calligraphy & luxury wedding stationery that's as unique as you are 

Welcome to The Flourished Fox. If you’re looking for a calligrapher and stationery designer that delivers beautifully crafted pieces for every sort of special occasion and announcement, you’re in the right place!

My speciality is crafting the luxury wedding stationery of your dreams. From sourcing the finest materials to using a mixture of traditional and state-of-the-art techniques to deliver your vision, there is nothing more pleasing than delivering the best for my amazing clients.

Some of my services

An overhead shot of a wedding invitation set with pink handmade paper a dark green envelopes

Wedding invitations that bring the wow factor using the best materials and techniques that will prove to be a sensational delight from the moment they arrive with your guests.

An overhead shot of red envelopes with gold copperplate calligraphy

Envelope addressing in a range of styles from traditional copperplate calligraphy to relaxed modern calligraphy; a sure-fire way of adding extra elegance to your invitations and communications.

An overhead shot of placecards on grey handmade paper with red sumi modern calligraphy and white and orange twine

Place cards on different papers, cards and materials; there's bound to be a surface and style to fit the theme of your wedding or event, from the timelessly classic to the mind-blowingly extravagant.

Kind words

"I would just like to thank you for the wonderful envelopes you addressed for me. The recipients were intrigued by the beautiful handwriting and care taken. It was definitely a talking point!"

Mrs R. J-M.

I work with my clients to realise their ideas for their events and special occasions.‏

The romance of paper and ink

Delighting eyes and fingertips for hundreds of years, the process of adding ink to paper has borne poetry through the ages. From Shakespeare writing his sonnets to lovers exchanging tender promises with one another, ink on paper has the power to change a world.

A closeup shot of some flourished copperplate calligraphy in coral ink


Using interchangeable nibs in a specialised holder, many looks are achievable by knowing the tools and materials in this art form. No longer to be found only on dry old documents, calligraphy has undergone a renaissance and is popular with both traditionalists and trendsetters alike.


The process of pressing letters and images directly into paper is a traditional technique that's been brought up to date and is no longer limited to what fonts a printer might have on hand. The advent of polymer plates allows you to have any style of text or illustration that you desire.

A closeup shot of some letterpress on white handmade paper in coral ink
An overhead shots of hands weraing silver rings with four calligraphy pens being held in one hand.

Why I do what I do

I've long had a love of typography and letterforms, which has naturally led me to take an interest in calligraphy as well.

A passion for art and design took me all through my school years and saw me graduate from university with an honorary membership from the International Society of Typographic Designers and my Bachelor of Arts. It wasn't until later that I decided I wanted to learn calligraphy. In the end, I took a modern calligraphy class in London. 

I didn't realise it then, but that course was terrible! However, I will credit those couple of hours with getting me hooked on dip pens and ink. After taking some online courses with some of the foremost calligraphers practising today, I quickly learned what good calligraphy looked like (regardless of the style being used) and understood it for what it is, an art form. 

And thousands of hours worth of practice later, here we are. The addition of letterpress to my studio has given me the ability to provide a broader offering directly from my studio, and I still have my little black book full of talented craftspeople and artisans to ensure I can deliver on every aspect of your vision.

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